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Early Childhood (3-5 Years Old)

While these years are filled with exploration and discovery for both you and your child, these years come with many transitions that may seem overwhelming.

If your child had previously been receiving services from Early Start, at 3 they will transition to having services provided by the school district. Starting preschool is definitely a reason for excitement, but we know that learning anew system can be confusing and difficult.

If your child is remaining with the Westside Regional Center (WRC), it is still anew system that is different from elementary school.

Learn more about WRC services that support this age group, here.

You may be wondering: What do I need to know? What are the best options for my child? Should I look at the private preschool in my neighborhood or check out the classrooms at the local elementary school?

Our staff have been where you are! We are available to help you find the information to make choices that will work for you child and your family.

Schedule an individual appointment with a member of the WFREC team here.

Additional resources that may be helpful:

First 5: Information, resources, activities, and support provided families of children prenatal through age 5.

Head Start : Programs, resources, news, and learning opportunities related to child development and early education.

Help Me Grow : Community programs and services collaborating to make sure children get the services that they need.

Pacer Center : Information and resources for children and young adults with all disabilities, their parents and families, and the professionals working with the families.