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The Family Resource & Empowerment Center exists to support families and professionals to care for those with special needs.

Navigating systems of support available to you is often a daunting process.

We are to provide experienced support and guidance to explore all of the options available to you.

Many of our employees have a family member with disabilities and are familiar with

Click here to explore the resources we have available, or call 888-888-888 with any questions.

What is a Family Resource and Empowerment Center?

Welcome from the Director

"Welcome to the Westside Family Resource and Empowerment Center (WFREC) website. In the 33 years since we opened our doors, we have provided information and support to thousands of self-advocates, families, friends, providers, and community members.

We can’t wait to include you in the WFREC family!"

- Liz Spencer, WFREC Director

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Key Resources

As a family member or friend of an individual with disabilities, it can feel like there is an endless amount of information that you need to learn, and we know that can be overwhelming. Here are a few key “need to know” resources to get you started:

Disability Rights California advocates for the rights of individuals with disabilities in California. Resources are provided related to legal representation, litigation, advocacy services, public policy, and investigations. Click Here to Visit

The SCDD is an independent agency that ensures individuals with developmental disabilities and their families receive the supports and services that they need. Click Here to Visit

Help Me Grow connects community partners across Los Angeles to ensure that all children are getting the services they need. Click Here to Learn More

DDS provides information and resources gathered from across the state to support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Click Here to Learn More

Seeds of Partnership provides tools for educators and families of students with disabilities to improve family engagement practices and educational outcomes. Click Here to Learn More

A coalition of Early Start Family Resource Centers that provides professional development, supports families in accessing services for their children, and advocates on behalf of families and children with disabilities. Click Here to Learn More

Upcoming Events

Our Catchment Area

See below for a map of the catchment area served by the WFREC.  

Even if you are not located in this catchment area, we will do our best to support you and connect you with resources that are local to your neighborhood.  

If you don't see your Zip Code included here and would like to find your local regional center please check out the Department for Developmental Services website.

WRC Partnership

The WFREC partners with the Westside Regional Center (WRC) to provide support and information to families and self-advocates. Learn more about Westside Regional Center  and their services. If you are looking to be assessed to qualify for services or follow-up on an assessment, check out Westside Regional Center’s Intake Portal. If you are having difficulty navigating the portal, please contact us here or call us (310) 258-4063.

Our Grants & Partnerships

WRFEC receives funding from several grants that support the operations of the center. Our current grants are listed below:


Family Empowerment Center

Community Navigator Program  

Important Resources

Here are some of the most utilized resources provided by our center:
  • Birth to 3 years old. Click Here to Learn More
  • Working with a Disabled Child. Click Here to Learn More
  • Childcare Assistance Options. Click Here to Learn More
  • Click Here for all Resources & Information

Summer Family Event

We’re excited to announce our first community event of the summer. The Westside Regional Center Family Fun in the Sun Celebration will take place Sunday June 19th.

Bring your families to enjoy games and festivities. Silent auction and raffle will being at 12 PM.

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