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Parent to Parent Support

Through all of our years of supporting families, we have learned that often times the most effective expert is another parent who has experienced the same challenges that you are experiencing. Connecting with a parent who has that lived experience can be a source of hope and an opportunity to have questions answered that you may not have even thought to ask. The parents at the FREC, who once benefited from the guidance of other parents, understand the importance and complexity of providing meaningful, safe, and confidential support.

To be connected to a parent from WFREC, contact us here.

We also provide monthly support groups for families of children and adults with disabilities where individuals can share information, experiences, resources, build connections, and provide emotional support to each other. A few things to know about our support groups:

  • They are FREE  
  • Unless otherwise stated, they are for parents, family members, and/or caregivers
  • Group facilitators are generally volunteers who are parents of children with a disability or special health care needs

To learn more about our support groups, click here.  

Collaborating with Professionals

Building successful relationships with professionals is critical to supporting your child and advocating for their needs within systems such as school or healthcare.  

Resources that may be helpful:

Outreach to Community

We love connecting with our community!

We are available to participate in health fairs, university classes, and a variety of other community events to increase awareness of our programs and services.  

If you would like more information about how the FREC team can join you at your next event, contact us here (hyperlink).

Community Navigator Program

In 2023, we launched our Community Navigator program to expand the support we provide to families and individuals throughout the life cycle. Our Community Navigators have either lived or professional experience in navigating various systems of care. Through partnerships with the Westside Regional Center and Claris Health Foundation, we will be providing individualized support as well as several workshops and trainings related to accessing MediCal, IHSS, Social Security, and a variety of other generic resources.  

To learn more about our upcoming trainings, click here (hyperlink).  

Professional Partnerships

We have been working closely with educators and professionals in our community since we opened in 1990. We partner with school districts, SELPAs, YMCAs, CBOs, local hospitals, universities, and community-based organizations. We work hand in hand with this community of organizations to provide aid to individuals and their families. We conduct trainings and workshops with these organizations free of charge.

If you would like more information about our trainings and workshops or would like us to present for your organization, contact us here.